January 24, 2021
Which is the best fridge to buy in Kenya

Which Is The Best Fridge To Buy In Kenya? Find Out Now

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Which is the best fridge to buy in Kenya?

In this simple guide, I will walk you through the top fridge brands to consider in Kenya.

See, having moved into Nairobi like 2 years ago, everything seemed okay, well, until the hot season came knocking.

At this point, everything turned hot, and couldn’t get the foodstuff at room temperature. A problem which was made worse considering my house faces directly to the sunset.

You can imagine how it feels from 1 PM🥵.

But all went away when I got a fridge. Mine is Bruhm Double Door 120 L. It is perfect and serves me well so far.

Anyways, there are other best fridges to buy in Kenya. Here is a quick look into them.

If you are still wondering which is the best fridge to buy in Kenya, continue reading to get a simple peek into each of these brands.

Best fridge to buy in Kenya now

I will take you through each of these fridges to give you an idea of what each has to offer. That should help you make a decision.

But before that, here are some things to consider when buying a fridge in Kenya;

  • Energy saving – this is the #1 thing I look at all the time. See, if you are going to be using the fridge 24/7, you need to get an energy-saving fridge in Kenya. It saves you a huge electricity bill
  • Warranty – never buy a fridge that has no warranty. What will you do when it fails? Most fridge brands in Kenya come with at least 1-year warranty
  • Fridge performance – you don’t need a fridge taking hours to cool stuff. It should self-regulate and has a temperature uniformity
  • Features – what is it giving you? Well, get one with the features you are looking for. For example, flexible storage space, ice making, or a cooler.

Now, let’s look at each of these fridges as we answer which is the best fridge to buy in Kenya.

Bruhm BRS 93MMDS Single Door fridge

best bruhm fridge in Kenya

I kid you not, Bruhm is one of the best manufacturers of home appliances.  Theirs are quality, durable and efficient appliances. 

This BRUHM BRS- 93MMDS Single Door fridge is one of them. It is efficient, easy to use, and durable.

And that explains why I got one for myself.

best bruhm fridge in Kenya interior

This single door fridge in Kenya will fit anywhere perfectly, be it your small kitchens, a minibar, or your office. 

As for energy, it is energy-efficient and compact.

Summary features of Bruhm single door fridge

  • Single door with a gross capacity of 4 cu. ft.
  • Low noise and stylish design with adjustable legs
  • Comes with a Lock and Key
  • Interior light
  • Direct cooling
  • 95 Litres

You can buy it now on Jumia at KSh 12,900.

Bruhm BRD-140 Double Door Refrigerator 120L

best bruhm fridge in Kenya

This is another one of the best Bruhm fridges to buy in Kenya.

It is efficient, thus can preserve all of your foodstuffs.

Being spacious, this double door fridge in Kenya is perfect for a small kitchen space. You can also use it as a minibar or in your office, just like the single door fridge. 

Again, you don’t have to worry about the electricity bill because this fridge is energy efficient and CFC free.

best bruhm fridge in Kenya interior

Comes with a 5-year warranty. This alone tells you how much the manufacturer trusts its products.

Summary of Bruhm double door fridge features

  • 120 Litres with a gross capacity of 6.5 Cu. Ft.
  • It is a double door with low noise emission
  • Stylish design with adjustable legs
  • Interior light
  • Comes with a lock and a key
  • Interior light
  • Direct cooling

You can buy it on Jumia now at KSh 21,900.

Ramtons RF/173 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge 128 Litres

best ramtons fridge in Kenya

Ramtons is another well known and best fridge brand in Kenya.

They produce durable and affordable fridges capable of turning any house into a real home.

Not to bore you with unnecessary words, let’s look at its features in point form.

  • Zanussi compressor which is known for its efficiency and performance
  • 128 Litres
  • Double door with 128 liters, meaning it can accommodate more foodstuff
  • CFC Free and energy efficient
  • Direct Cool with a hardtop and glass shelf for easy cleaning
  • Height 129.5 cm, width 46.5 cm, depth 55 cm. Can fit small kitchens.
best ramtons fridge in Kenya interior

Buy it on Jumia Kenya now for KSh 21,999.

Ramtons RF/257- 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge  213 Litres

best ramtons fridge in Kenya

Here is one of the reviews for this fridge;

Its quiet, very efficient, very big. I give it 5 star on everything. Furthermore for its price, I would even take two if it was possible.

ramtons fridge reviews in Kenya

Another one:

ramtons fridge reviews in Kenya

Still, wondering which is the best fridge to buy in Kenya?

I hope these help.

  • 213 litres
  • Double door
  • CFC Free
  • Direct cool
  • Hardtop
  • Glass shelf
  • Low noise

The difference between this fridge and the previous one is the size. This is 213 liters, meaning it has more volume than the previous 128 L.

You can get it now on Jumia at KSh 29,990.

Ramtons RF/222 – 2 Door Fridge – 88 L

ramtons 2 door fridge in kenya

This is smaller than the previous two Ramtons fridges, with 88 liters. 

It is 2 door, and perfect for small spaces like a minibar or in the office. 

And looking at its 4.8-star ratings on Jumia, it doesn’t come as a surprise.

ramtons 2 door fridge in kenya reviews

Summary features on Ramtons 2 door fridge 88L

  • Low noise
  • Adjustable thermostat for efficiency
  • Direct cool
  • 4.8-star rating on Jumia
  • 88 liters
  • CFC free
  • Silver flower color
  • 1-year warranty

Get now on Jumia at KSh 18,990.

VON HRD-081W/VARM-08DMW Mini Fridge

best von fridge in kenya

This is the best mini fridge in Kenya.

With a capacity of 92 L, you can be sure it accommodates most of the essential foodstuff and ideal for small kitchens, minibar, and an office.

This 5 cu. ft. fridge has a highly tropicalized compressor. And when you combine that with an external condenser, you have a cool fridge and fresh fruits at all times.

There is more.

This Hotpoint fridge in Kenya comes with in-built super freeze technology, which allows you to keep your foodstuffs cool super fast.

best mini fridge in kenya

Quick features

  • Freezer compartment
  • Wired shelves
  • 3 Door racks
  • Vegetable box to keep your veggies fresh all the time
  • Lock and Key
  • 8 pcs egg holder
  • Ice tray for making ice cubes

Buy it now on Jumia at KES KSh 13,495.

Ramtons RF/177- 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge – 128 Litres

ramtons fridges in kenya

Here is what one client had to say about this fridge.

fridges reviews in Kenya

Another one right here;

fridges reviews in Kenya

As you can already tell from these two reviews, this fridge has a 128 L volume. This is ideal for a small kitchen and small spaces.

Its features include;

  • Zanussi compressor
  • 128L and a double door
  • It is CFC Free
  • Direct cool
  • Hard top
  • Glass shelf
fridges reviews in Kenya

Get it now on Jumia at KSh 22,500.

Nexus NX-140K 118L FRIDGE

nexus fridge in Kenya

To conclude our answers to which is the best fridge to buy in Kenya, is the Nexus fridge in Kenya.

It is super-efficient and durable and I must admit, Nexus have proven themselves once again.

 This fridge gives you superior cooling capabilities even long after disconnecting it from the power source.

With its 118-liter volume capacity, this Nexus fridge comes with a high-efficiency compressor with 55g Refrigerants. Also, its door is reversible and has a magnetic seal. 

nexus fridge interior

There is more:

It comes with a separate freezer compartment

Its interior is easy to clean, giving you the much-needed convenience.

Summary features of Nexus fridge in Kenya

  • Stylish interior light
  • Comes with easy child-lock and door handles
  • 3 Glass shelf that are easily removable
  • Energy saving and zero CFC
  • Comes with inbuilt condenser
  • Fridge capacity of 84 L and freezer capacity of 34 L (net)
  • You have 2 years warranty

4.7 rated on Jumia.

nexus fridge reviews in Kenya

Get it now at KSh 22,949.


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